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I came to Jessie with issues with my horse in the connection. I was frustrated and to be honest didn’t think she would be able to help. 
From the very first lesson Jessie gave me hope, she said it wouldn’t be easy or quick, there would be many ups and downs, but that she would be there every step of the way and she was!

My horse and I have come so far and continue to improve and I can’t thank Jessie enough for all she has done for us. I know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. 

- Christine Thompson

Jessie is an amazing rider, trainer, competitor and instructor. It becomes obvious as you get to know her that she puts her whole heart and energy into everything she does. 

In particular, Jessie has a depth of knowledge to analyze a horse's and rider's strengths and weaknesses that is seldom seen in instructors twice her age. Each horse/rider combination is given the instruction to develop to their full potential.


I wish her every success and that her move South brings her to fulfilling her goals and dreams. 

-Victoria Patterson Pirko

Jessie Paine has the quick ability to size up a horse and rider and tailor her lessons to them. Always encouraging, with great energy for every lesson. I've ridden with Jessie over the past 2 years and each lesson has built upon the last, always improving my mare and her capabilities. I highly recommend her for riders of any age and level.

- Cindy Poulson

Jessie offers professional, detail-oriented and goal-based coaching for clients of all levels. She is an asset to anyone working towards competition goals, or simply wanting to ride your horse better.

- Christina Spallina

If you are looking for a personalized program for both you and your horse to reach your goals then look no further! Regardless of your level, breed of horse, or goals Jessie has something to offer everyone. 

Jessie is a phenomenal rider, horse trainer, riding instructor, horseman, and friend. Her unique experiences make her the ideal instructor for adult amateurs as she truly gets what it is like to juggle a career and competitor goals. Anyone can benefit from her instruction as she is clear about what we are trying to accomplish and how to get there. 

There are not enough good things to say about Jessie Paine and her program!

- Rachel Caracci

I realize I’ve only had 3 lessons with you but your guidance has definitely contributed to my success. I am more confident in my training and therefore more comfortable in the show ring.


My goal for this Eventing season was to get a few 8s and earn scores around 32. The judge this past weekend was quite generous (all around, not just to me) but we definitely started the season with a bang! A personal best 24.7 at beginner novice level with 8! 8s, including one in collectives and nothing below a 6.5 (and only 1 of those)! Thank you for helping me this winter. 

- Allison Morris

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