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At JP Dressage the horses come first. We are proud to be sponsored by companies who product, services and initiatives promote the well-being of the horse.  To learn more about our current sponsors, please click here We are always interested in new partnerships with entities or individuals that will help us keep our horses happy and healthy.  Jessie is personally seeking sponsors – both individual, corporate, and product sponsors – to help her reach her goal of representing the United States in international competition.  This dream is a huge financial undertaking, and is not one she can accomplish alone.  Jessie hopes to find sponsors that she can give back to, whether it be business or product exposure, or just enjoying the journey and the ride alongside Jessie. 

Corporate, Product or Equipment Sponsorship: 

Jessie can offer a lot to business or product sponsors.  By partnering with Jessie your company can benefit from exposure to the spectators, horse owners, trainers, riders, and grooms who are at horse shows at which she competes, to her clients, and to those who visit her training center for lessons or to participate in clinics.  Jessie considers sponsors an integral part of her team, and by giving her your support, either financially or with product donations, she will give you her support, by not only promoting your products and being an ambassador of your company, but also by being involved in product development, if requested.  


It takes a lot to make it to the top, including the right equipment and supplies to care for her equine partners.  Jessie’s most important responsibility is to ensure their comfort and happiness.   Donations of equipment and supplies, or allowances or discounts allocated to obtain those supplies, are greatly needed.  

While advertising can sometimes be met with skepticism, personal endorsement of a product or service by a top equestrian can go a long way.  If a product doesn’t help Jessie’s horses or her own personal performance, it doesn’t stay in her barn.  If a product helps her horses – whether it be a supplement, a bit, a chiropractor or a half pad – and it can help other horses, Jessie encourages her students and clients to give it a try.  Jessie is knowledgeable about horse biomechanics, and the physical and emotional needs of an equine, and promoting a product that helps any dimension of their life is fulfilling her responsibility of being an advocate for the horse.  Simultaneously this makes Jessie a tremendous ambassador for your product or business.  Having been an attorney, Jessie has a lot of professional experience being a true advocate and is well spoken.

Corporate sponsors have a variety of benefits/exposure to select from based on level of sponsorship, including:


  • Logo displayed on saddle pads during training, and under certain circumstances, during competition;

  • Logo displayed on shirts/jackets/caps worn during training, teaching, and while on competition grounds, by Jessie and the entire JP Dressage Team;

  • Banner displayed in training center and in stable area at competitions;

  • Logo, link, introduction and thanks on website and Facebook page;

  • Jessie’s participation in corporate advertisements, sales and brand development meetings, trade shows and other events;

  • Jessie’s brand endorsement videos to be posted on corporate website, website, Facebook page and YouTube;

  • Behind-the-scenes access at shows and events. 


Individual Sponsorship:

Individual sponsors help with the costs involved in caring for and campaigning Jessie’s top horses.  From sponsoring a class, to helping Jessie achieve her dream of training in Europe, we encourage you to join the team in any way you can.  Financial contributions can help with some of these expenses, for example:


  • Freestyle creation ($2500 and up;

  • Lesson with top FEI trainer ($150-300);

  • Horse show entries ($500);

  • Board ($900/month/horse);

  • Tack and Equipment


Individual sponsorship offers a variety of benefits, dependent on the level of sponsorship, including:

  • Discounted lessons, clinics, and horse training;

  • Being a vital part of the team at JP Dressage;

  • The opportunity to fully or partially own a competition horse;

  • Potential tax benefits;

  • Product exposure and photo on website, Facebook page, an at competitions; and

  • Behind-the-scenes access at shows and events.

Horse Ownership and Sponsorship

The biggest obstacle Jessie faces in her quest for international success is finding and funding the right horses.  If you are interested in horse ownership – whether you have big aspirations of owning a top competition horse, or you simply want to enjoy watching the horse develop in his or her training, we would love to hear from you.  Owning or supporting a horse Jessie trains and competes can be a very rewarding experience.  You’ll be part of a team, gain the life experience of having your own horse compete on the world stage, and you’ll be helping a little girl from Newfoundland fulfill her dreams.  

You may also visit Jessie’s Experience Dressage profile at:

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