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At JP Dressage the horses come first. We are proud to be sponsored by the following companies whose products, services and initiatives promote the well-being of the horse.  Visit their websites or contact Jessie to learn more about how their innovative products can help your horse today! 

We are always interested in partnering with entities that help keep our horses happy and healthy. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jessie or click here

Perfect Products is an innovative nutraceutical company dedicated to promoting the well-being of top equine athletes.  Their products have been a longtime staple in our feed room long before the opportunity for sponsorship arose.  Jessie's top competition mounts are all on GastroEase for total GI health, Joint Impact to keep the horses feeling and moving at their best, and Training Day. Regen-x EQ is part of our daily grooming routine.  To learn more about this dynamic company and all it has to offer your horse, please visit their website at

Since 2000, Julie Weitzel of CW Saddlery has been working passionately to improve the comfort of both horse and rider. A Representative of Custom Saddlery covering Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Western Pennsylvania, Weitzel uses her decades of experience and attention to detail to take riders through the Custom experience of finding the perfect saddle. Contact Julie today at(440) 225-3699 to find the perfect fit for you and your horse! 

Custom Saddlery offers a versatile line of saddles custom made to fit horses properly, are adjustable to accommodate a developing equine athlete, and are designed to gently guide riders into the correct position.  The company is always on the forefront of innovative designs and features.  Most importantly the customer service is excellent and the saddle fitters are passionate about improving every ride, for every rider.  Jessie and her students ride a wide variety of horses of different breeds and sizes all in Custom Saddles.  Visit to learn more. 

MDC Stirrups LLC has revolutionized stirrup design to both alleviate rider pain and improve rider stability and effectiveness.  Invented by CEO and founder Martin Cohen, the MDC Ultimate Stirrups have been Jessie Paine’s stirrup of choice for years.  The MDC Ultimate Stirrups can be preset to different angles, including Jessie’s go-to 90° angle.  The stirrup is then always in an “inviting” position for the rider’s foot, negating the need for twisting and pinching of the lower limb to find and retain one’s stirrup.  The sides of the MDC Ultimate Stirrup are flexible, providing for shock absorption, enhanced rider comfort, and improved equitation.  If you are interested in purchasing or test riding one of the MDC models, please contact inventor Martin Cohen directly at 831-393-0588 (Pacific Time) and mention JP Dressage for special pricing!  You can view the full line of MDC Stirrups online at

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