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JP Dressage LLC is owned and operated by trainer Jessie Paine. Jessie is a USDF Certified Instructor through First Level and has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals.  Jessie is based in North Carolina and seasonally in Wellington, Fl. Born in Newfoundland, Canada, in 2001 Jessie moved to the United States and obtained dual citizenship.  She proudly represents the United States in dressage competition. 














Training Philosophy

Jessie learned early on with some difficult horses that training of the horse with gymnastic exercises, classical principles, and a respect of the horse’s mental and physical aptitudes will benefit any horse, and lead to a more harmonious partnership between horse and rider in any discipline.  Jessie follows the classical Pyramid of Training.  She believes in communicating clearly and systematically with the horse.  


From her empathy for the horse Jessie developed her belief in being honest about identifying and correcting her own flaws and errors before unfairly placing blame on the horse.  Jessie doesn’t think in terms of the horse giving the incorrect answer, but rather the rider asking the incorrect question.   Rather than punish the horse for the undesired response, Jessie’s training philosophy is focused on the rider’s responsibility to set up the horse for success, and appropriately communicate with her horse to develop mutual understanding, respect, and a willingness to participate.  When faced with obstacles in training Jessie takes a systemic approach – nutrition, soundness, soreness, mental and emotional stimulation and satisfaction, and equipment – in addition to adhering to the principles of training she steadfastly stands by.  The practitioners, products and equipment she and her horses employ all have a purpose, and are all the best at fulfilling that purpose.  

Dressage Education

In 2001, upon moving to the United States, Jessie began her formal dressage training, first with Lauren Ball-Tisdale and then with Charlotte Bayley-Schindelholz. 

Since 2003 Jessie has been training with Christopher Hickey, a USDF Gold Medalist, Co-Chair of the USDF Instructor/Trainer Committee, and double-gold medalist at the 2007 Pan American Games.  Over a decade later, Chris continues to be Jessie’s trainer and mentor.  Jessie also rides regularly with Katherine Bateson when in Wellington.  Throughout college Jessie had the benefit of riding in clinics with Ulla Salzgeber, Debbie McDonald, Robert Dover, and Conrad Schumacher.  More recently she has also ridden with Morten Thomsen, Betsy Steiner, Alfredo Hernandez, and Bo Jena. 

Jessie takes her dressage education very seriously and is a USDF Certified Instructor through First Level. 

You can read about some of Jessie's equestrian accolades here

Attorney Turned Trainer - How her JD helps JP be a Better Trainer

In 2003 Jessie enrolled in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she began riding with Christopher Hickey. Jessie earned her J.D. at the Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia.  There she engaged her passion for animals as the Co-President of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund.  She also excelled in trial advocacy, was a member of Temple’s renowned Trial Team, and at graduation the faculty awarded her with the 2011 CFES Gerald Staller Award for the Most Promising Civil Litigator.  After graduation Jessie went on to serve as Assistant City Solicitor for the City of Philadelphia.

Trial advocacy requires excellent communication skills, including the ability to dismantle and reorganize one’s thoughts to better educate and convince the listener.  Unaware at the time, the skills she learned as an advocate in law school proved incredibly valuable to Jessie as a horse trainer and instructor.  Clearly and concisely communicating to the horse and the rider what to do and why to do is the essence of a great trainer.

After having juggled a career as an attorney and her ambitions of becoming a successful Grand Prix rider, Jessie decided to focus all of her attention to horses and she founded JP DRESSAGE LLC.  The decision to pursue her childhood dream was not an easy one.  Being a trainer is a tremendous responsibility, balancing the goals of clients with the needs of their horses, educating others while simultaneously educating one’s self, as every horse presents different challenges.  Jessie is uniquely situated to assist adult amateur riders in the pursuit of their goals, since for so long she had to fine-tune the balancing act of a full time career and full time competitor, with all of the ups and downs that are part of horse ownership. 

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